Aivee Bearings

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Hub brandAivee
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Alloy free hub body with pawls springs and bearings.

66,67 €

Replacement Aivee THR freewheel body (CRL) for Aivee SR5 and Edition One Route hubs for pad braking.

66,67 €

CyclingCeramic bearings are designed to offer superior durability with standard bearings. Their level of superior performance make the asset that makes a difference in the World Tour peloton .  Teams such that IAM Cycling trust us to support their research performance .

149,17 €

Specific lubricant for aivee hubs

12,50 €

Phil Wood "Waterproof" lubricant: One of the best lubricants on the market for the bicycle. Particularly suitable for ball bearings to which it provides incomparable protection against corrosion, water and external contaminants.

18,33 €