Asterion XC 29 carbon rear wheel

Asterion Carbon XC 29 rear wheel

Cross-country MTB 29-inch carbon rear wheel. Designed for activities ranging from trekking to competitive XC and marathon riding. Weight: 857g.

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Carbon rim compatible with standard or tubeless tires. Asymetrical profile, inner width 25,9mm

Flat, stainless steel (Sapim CX-Ray) spokes, black

Lightweight high-quality hubs 100% made in France. Available in four different colours and all axle formats. All freehub models available

All components assembled in our workshop in Charly (France) following state of the art artisan procedures


The latest evolution of our Asterion XC carbon rim: wider profile with a more marked assymetry than previous generations. Comfort, grip and reactivity are improved.  Sourced from Eastern Europe. Compatible with inner tube, tubeless or tubeless-ready tires. "Hookless" and "anti-burp" profile to reduce exposure of the sidewalls and ensure perfect fitting of low-pressure tubeless tires


Custom Aivee MP hubs specifically developed for this wheel model, following strict guidelines to optimise ridigity, weight and handling. Origin: 100% France with the exception of the bearings (Japan). CNC-machined from a bloc of French-made aeronautical aluminum. Front hub:  Rear hub: 4X annular bearings. All bearings designed with grease, fill percentage, seal and play class specific for MTB use.


Flat SAPIM CX-Ray spokes made from cold-forged stainless steel: the strongest and most flexible spoke on the market in its weight category. The result is a lightweight, reactive and extremely durable wheel. Sourced from France and Belgium.

Spokes nipples

Double square Sapim Polyax spoke nipples made from anodized and anti-friction treated 7075 T6 aluminum. The Polyax spokehead profile acts as a ball joint, allowing the nipple to align with the direction of each spoke and thus reducing stress where the spoke meets the rim. The extra "double-square" shaping allows for higher torque without compromising the strength of the nipple, while compressive efforts through part of the thread increase overall resistance. The use of a specific brake lubricant ensures excellent thread strength and guarantees the nipple won't seize over time. Combined with the quality of the overall assembly, these details all contribute to the excellent durability of our wheels.


Rim tape and ultralight tubeless valve with removable core included. Spare spoke nipples and spokes.


All our wheelsets come with a 2-year hidden warranty with covers hidden defects. You can also benefit from a lifelong crash-replacement programme. 

Asterion Service

Enjoy Asterion Service benefits if you have any issue with your wheelt: we lend you a free wheel while yours is in the workshop. 


Spokes tied with nickel-plated steel wire, soldered with tin/silver alloy

Choice of sticker colours

Type of wheelRear
Rim brandAsterion
Hub brandAivee
Wheel size29"
Type of tyreTubeless
Type of tyreTubetype
Type of brakesDisc brakes
Type of rimCarbon
Rim width (mm)26
Rim height (mm)24
Rear axleQR 10mm
Rear axle12x142mm
Rear axle12x148mm
Bearings materialCeramic
Bearings materialSteel
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