Asterion is a builder of high-end exclusive wheelsets for competitors as well as experienced connoisseurs. 

A follow-up effort of Best Wheels, Asterion can rely on substantial experience and know-how in the field of top-notch hand-built custom wheelsets, while adding the technical and industrial tools necessary to a builder. 

Therefore, beyond our custom builds based on a varied range of standard products, Asterion also offers a wide range of hand-built wheelsets built on specific components, which, once assembled, offer unparalleled performance.

Our “builder” approach urges us to develop our own components so as to get the best performing wheels for you. 

Our wheels are not just mere bits and pieces put together, but thought of as a whole and built as such. The choice of reliable and precise components is brought even further with a thorough and minute hand built process and an adaptation to the specific needs of our clients. This is clearly Best Wheel's legacy. 

So as to reach our goals and guarantee customer satisfaction, we work within a very strict and regulated environment, which means above all a production beyond reproach. Each hand-built wheelset is produced in our workshop in France and then scrutinized to ensure our standards are met. 

Asterion prides itself at combining the craftsmanship of a custom builder and the exigence of a component manufacturer. 

Whether you a a recreational cyclist or a pro racer, all of our wheels benefit from the same level of care and attention.

We are specialized in wheels. We do not offer fork maintenance, we do not sell cogs, chainrings or cranksets. If you need any of those you should visit your local bike shop. But if you need top notch wheels, drop us a line. We are the specialists.

1. Building methods and long-lasting performances 

We are extremely thorough in our building methods. We have devised our own methods based on experience gained on the trails and on the road and based on a scientific and analytical approach to fully comprehend the critical stages of the building of a wheel. 

This exhaustive expertise of the building techniques, put us in a position to offer you top performing wheels, extremely durable, which will not buckle after a few months of riding and which do not lose their dynamic qualities with time. 

2. consistency in the building 
We regularly survey and assess the high end wheelset available on the market and we frequently notice strong discrepancies in the building parameters especially in terms of spoke tension or in the “breaking in” of wheels ( see tech specs) 

Those discrepancies can vary by more than 20% on the average tension of spokes 

Insufficient breaking in do not result in durable wheels 

This might be explained by an incoherent building process, poor quality control or even scale saving made to decrease production costs. Building a straight wheel for an experienced wheel builder do not require more than 15 minutes and many builders do not spend more than this and ship your wheels as such. 

At Asterion we choose not to compromise on anything to get you the best possible wheel. 

The time required to build a quality wheel adds several hours of work for each wheel. This illustrates the 80-20 ratio according to which 20% of the most important operations for the durability and the dynamic aspect take up about 80% of the building time. And if we were to neglect those operations it would be the cause of 80% of direct or indirect consequences on your wheels. 

3. quality control 
We control 100% of our production at each and every stage. 
We also control and calibrate our precision tools. 
All of this to guarantee your satisfaction. 

4. Our experience 
More than 7 years of building high end wheels coupled with a solid technical background offer a great combination for your future wheels. 

Our approach, both rigorous and field-based is the legacy of Asterion founder who enjoy 15 years of experience in the industry, more specifically in engineering in demanding fields such as telecommunications, railways, the automotive industry, weapon industry, medical or even the cycling industry (experts or consulting). 

5. Our tools and test benching 

No savings was made on the machinery and tools. For example we use the best truing stands and we tweak them to increase their efficiency. Our spoke tension meters are specific to each situation (depending on the numbers of spokes and the degree of tension) and we mostly use the mostly prized and used “made ins Switzerland” reference product. We also own some specific models to measure the thinnest spokes on the side where the tension is the lowest. 

We also have our own test benches in the house to measure and analyze all the parameters our wheels and assess their resistance. 

6. our specific components 

Some of the elements constituting our wheels are specific to Asterion. We value the wheels as a whole and we aim at understanding how each element interacts with the others and how it influences on the overall performance of the wheel. Since the products available on the markets sometimes do not meet our demands, we happen to design ourselves some of them. 

For example it is the case of our high end spokes custom-made on a CX-Ray basis from Sapim but with a different diameter repartition. That is also the case of some of our rims or hubs. 

7. testing 
We pay particular attention to testing the components constituting the wheels. It enables us to better and further understand each of our products. For rims it enables us to know the maximum tension tolerated as well as the tolerances. 

We can therefore optimize each wheel to your needs but also easily identify any element that could be speced out. 

8. Suiting your needs 
You will find someone to define what wheel would suit best your needs but also you riding style and your budget. 

We can advise you and describe the benefits and drawbacks of each possible options you might consider. We will take any time necessary so that you custom wheels will ride exactly like you want them to. 

9. Our stock 

We exclusively focus on everything that has to do with wheels. We do not retail any other piece of equipment. Therefore we have a stock of wheel-related products which no online store or bike store can claim. That enables us to offer a wide range of products and guarantee short delivery times which no other hand builder can offer. 

10. Our commitment to cycling and craftsmanship 

We are avid cyclists and we cover all different riding styles to get a clear view of your needs: in it for XC, enduro, DH as well as road racing or even track or BMX. 

We love our job and take great pride and pleasure in doing it. 

Our drive to perfection leads us to constantly improve things. This is your direct gain and we get much from our satisfied and faithful clients through time.