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Spokes and nipples 

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A large selection of spokes and nipples to complete or repair your handbuilt wheelset.

Spokes nipples

All the spokes nipples you need, in brass or alloy, from many diffrent colours to finish your bicyle wheelset.

Designed for special rims. Easy to mount with our four span nipple key. This nipple can only be mounter with Sapim's up side down special key.

0,25 €

Aluminum or laiton double square nipples allows for tensioning the spokes from the inside.

0,25 €

Sapim Polyax nipples that promote the correct orientation of the nipples in the rim.

0,25 €

Sapim nipples washers increase strength and reduce friction between the nipples and the rim. Sold by 100.

5,00 €
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