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Road range - Hilly road wheels

Rouleur/Sprinter, stiff and responsive, tubular or clincher hand-build wheels made of aluminum or carbon for powerful road cyclist. Handmade in France in our workshop in Charly (69).

All-around, light, reliable tire wheelset with great qualities. Light yet solid (1445g a pair, 665g for the front wheel and 800g for the rear wheel with AIVEE SR5 hubs), based on low-sitting semi-profiled aluminum rims, they are very responsive and offer an unparalleled reliability. Their stiffness and the quality of the braking tracks make them the...

599,17 €

Extremely efficient aerodynamic racing wheels. Stiff and responsive. Perfect for racers looking for profiled wheels to ride fast on all types of roads. They will be a delight for riders looking for unparalleled rigidity, able to transfer all the power to the wheel, be it for lightning-fast starts or final sprints.

1 207,50 €

Pair of lightweight and ultra-performance wheels (1150g the pair), the premium according Asterion.

1 499,17 €
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